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    Unraveling the world's

    most consumed and

    least understood spirit...

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  • What We do

    Monthly Events

    We organize themed events that bring together the baijiu community around fun and educational baijiu tasting sessions, talks or field trips.

    Tastings & Workshops

    We organize guided tastings and workshops for private groups upon request. These can be both introductory in nature or focused and nuanced.

  • The Spirit of China

  • Baijiu is the most drunk spirit in the world, but seldom imbibed or understood outside China. It is actually more of a process of making alcohol than a single drink, with a unique fermentation and production style, and distilled with grains not often used in other spirits.

    We love baijiu, and we want to help share what we have learned about it, how its made and how diverse it is, with others that have a passion and a thirst. We share info, but mostly we share drinks; we feel this is the best way to learn.


    Join us for a thimble full ... or 10.




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