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Infused Baijiu Event Photos


We explored the fun and weird world of infused baijius at our most recent event. People in China have been infusing baijius with Chinese medicine for centuries, and in produce rich areas like Sichuan with a long history of baijiu there is lots of fruit infusions as well. Sweet and sour baijius, most comonly from plum,s are lower in alcohol % as the juices leak out of the fruits. For those who don't always want the 50 plus % of straight baijiu these can offer a great option. The flavors pair very well with spicy foods, and the sweetness can help mediate the tingle of the Sichuan peppercorns. Infused baijiu, or paojiu, is ubiquitous around Southwest China and alsomst every restaurant and family has a jar or two of their own infusions. We tasted and explored a wide range to see what we thought was good and what was whacky, and discussed the use of TCM in Chinese cuisine.

A huge thanks to our friend Jake Homovich ( for the photos and Kathmandu Restaurant in Chengdu fo the awesome venue.

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