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world baijiu day 2019

It's a celebration and you're invited

This August 9th we're throwing a bada$$ baijiu bash to celebrate the amazing baijiu community in Chengdu. We teamed up with newly opened bar CaliCo and bartender Riley Tritz, to create 3 original baijiu cocktails - there will also be homemade paojiu, baijiu flights, prizes and membership giveaways as well as an introductory tasting for beginners.


8PM - Guided baijiu tasting: An introduction to the major categories of baijiu and their production methods, as well as general discussion about the history of baijiu, and what makes it so unique.

9PM - we get the party started! There will be lots of drinks, and baijiu fun and the coolest baijiu-lovin people you've ever met.


Tickets are 50RMB and get you a series of drinks at the introductory tasting event OR a free cocktail upon arrival.


Members join for free - woohoo!

RSVP needed - email GANBEI!

CaliCo is located on the TaiPingNanXi Street (JiuyanQiao Club area), on the 2nd floor.

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